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About Us

Derived from the Indonesian word "tulus", our brand is based on three simple principles : honesty, transparency, and cleanliness.

Our promise to you is our honesty. Our formulation, our ingredients, and our process of building this skincare brand from scratch. We pride in formulating our products with advanced technology and safe ingredients for the skin to be healthy & self healing in the long run.

We test them on ourselves. Never on animals. On each 7 of us, all with different skin concerns & sensitivities. So you don't have to.

MEET OUR FOUNDERS (aka the real testers)

We get the pimples, redness and dry patches so you DONT have to.
You just get that glowing healthy complexion.

• Michelle •
As a long time hormonal & fungal acne sufferer, finding the right skincare has never been easy for me. I went all over the internet to not only search for the products that would help self heal my skin. But also, ingredients to use and not to use. Through this self study, I suddenly found a new passion within myself. Not just the beauty part but the science behind it. I learned to study ingredients closely & learned to not easily digest misleading marketing claims. Only then I was getting close to my skin goals. I get the pimples so you don't have to.

• Jessica •
Working in the wedding makeup artistry industry, I have met clients with a vast range of skin types. From the dry, oily, overly irritated, you name it, I have seen it. Part of my job is to be able to dictate which product would work well on these different skin conditions. Many still think that I can do the magic of makeup but deep down... I am a firm believer that good makeup starts from a good canvas. Hence, why I brought the idea of TULUS to the others in this team.

Oh and I am the dry skinned one in the group. When Michelle says thay it's moist enough and I say it's not. She's gotta change the formulation again.

• Patricia Stephanie •
Dehydrated, dry and dull skin... not suffer from acne problem made me take for granted skin regime once... untill on my puber phased i used skincare just for the sake of using skincare, untill i realised it does make a difference.. started, got praises from random people on the street telling me how good my skin, and when i took a glance one night i realised my 1 year routine does make a difference... my skin wasnt as dehydrated, my hormonal acne rarely appeared, and it was more supple as i touched it... since then i tried to search and learn about ingredien, and which skincare work well on the skin and hopefully other’s skin too

• Titov •
Since this is my wife’s business, I have to be supportive of her & of course be the group’s only male lab rat. What’s most important to me is a basic, easy & practical skincare routine that suits my schedule. I enjoy outdoor cycling & nothing beats the feeling of freshly cleansed skin + shower after a sweaty outdoor sports session. Unisex packaging is a plus point for me.

• The Widiras •
A true believer in: you only have one skin throughout your lifetime; it is irreplaceable. I’ve been religiously taking care of my skin since youth because I believe that a clean and clear skin is what we need to face the world... As a wife and a mother of two teens, one of my duties has been making sure the whole family ( and even office staffs ) are skin conscious.

With the right “true to you” and safe product, we believe that anyone can achieve that healthy, clean and clear skin too...

Teaming up with our genius friends who are skin care enthusiasts, we hope we can bring to your homes a great, suitable for all ages and walks of life range of “true to you” and honest skincare.

• Melfin •
I've been in & out of the dermatologist's office for as long as I've remembered since puberty. You see, acne has been a part of life for a very long time. I've tried numerous doctors & clinics, yet so far my journey has been the most fulfilling only when I started to understand my own skin better (thanks to this TULUS group of friends too who made me understand my skin better!).

In & out of different dermatologist offices, my skin has this pattern of looking good after a couple months of a prescription.. but never perfect. Never flawless like my partner Patricia (gotta admit that we are all jealous of her non-picky skin). However at least with a better understanding of my skin type, I was able to self-prescribe the kind of cleanser / serum / creams that would suit my skin better as opposed to being dictated to what the doctor says. That knowledge there is power to me.

It was only after 15 years of going on & off with acne, I've finally come to accept that not having perfect skin is fine. It's not about the final glass skin goal, but it's a matter of the journey we go through in order to overcome our skin concerns.

When we're old, we can tell those stories to the younger generations & hopefully we can help promote confidence even those suffering from acne.